Single girl dinners, or what to do when you have no food

When the Huz isn’t around for dinner, we’re typically low on food since I don’t do much meal planning when I know he’ll be gone (heck, I  don’t do much meal planning period; when I say “meal planning”, picture me holding something up and shouting across the produce section: “Hey, do you think you want to eat this this week?”).

When we have no food in the house, I regress to a dormitory style of eating that I’m not proud of. This means things like cereal for dinner and other unmentionables, which I’ll mention.

I recommend and endorse the following multi-step approach if you are dining alone and have no food:

1. Stomp around the kitchen complaining that you have no food. See if anyone helps you.

2. Survey the fridge and freezer. Repeat step 1. Still nothing? Start panicking.

(At this point, DR-mom and DR-dad might recognize this routine from high school when I had nothing to wear.)

3. Do you have eggs? Bread? Cheese? If so, how about some version of this vegetarian egg mcmuffin:


Its a Morningstar black bean veggie burger + 1 scrambled egg + 1 slice cheese on an Arnold’s sandwich thin (add avocado and hot sauce if you have it!). Its super filling, so its my go-to single girl dinner.

4. Do you have bananas? Milk? How about some version of this smoothie?

5. Things are looking grim. At this point, the mature thing to do is dig out that old can of soup in the cupboard and heat it up. But frankly, the maturity ship sailed after steps 1 and 2, so just forget about that. Do you have chocolate chips? Try eating a handful and see how you feel.

6. We’re officially desperate. Do you have peanut butter? Try eating a few spoonfuls and see how you feel. Think about how good the chocolate chips would have tasted in the peanut butter and do some advanced “meal planning” by writing chocolate chips on your grocery list.

7. Still hungry? Throw in the towel. Order sushi or skip dinner entirely and go get ice cream.

So there you have it. Feel free to print this extremely mature guide and hang it on your fridge to reduce food-related panic attacks. You’re welcome.

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3 thoughts on “Single girl dinners, or what to do when you have no food

  1. CCC says:

    Guys have a completely different approach … Beer is filling and goes well with nuts and left over pizza (warm or cold).

  2. rebecca says:

    When I was preg and Michael was oot, I found myself with no food. My “I give up” moment was when I combined an entire log of cream cheese with salsa and ate it with chips. I may or may not have eaten the entire thing.

  3. […] cooking all week because she has to cook on Thursday!?!? This girl. So, it’s smoothies and egg sandwiches for dinner until Thursday. Also, I spent like a bazillion hours at the grocery store yesterday just […]

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