Save the date

Chicago friends,
If any of you are headed to the Ravenswood Art Walk in 2 weeks, you are invited to a show that includes some of my photos. Note: if you read this blog, there isn’t much to see in terms of my photos. But what you should come to see is my friend Jette’s photos of abandoned buildings in Gary (and ask her if you can see the one she took a few days before they knocked down Cabrini Green). Or Nelson’s photos that show a side of 1970s Afghanistan that I can guarantee you have never seen before. Or the picture Khabrim took the day after the big Chicago snow storm last year. That one took my breath away the first time I saw it.

I’ll be there all weekend, standing next to some lame pictures of food.



2 thoughts on “Save the date

  1. ling says:

    molly- can we come to the pre show on Friday to entertain you? or should we come during the day sat/sun? basically, i want to see you in your cute new dress by your photos!! can’t wait!

    • Molly says:

      Defs come on Friday – there will be booze and also a raffle so you could win one of the prints (hopefully not mine)!! Downside is that Ravenswood art walk starts Saturday so you would be missing other vendors…

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