Goat cheese, fig, almond butter & pear sandwiches


This past weekend was a long girls weekend in (where else) Birmingham, Michigan, which is quite adorable, made more so by the fact that my friend Ali lives there. My friend Ling and I had the idea that we’d take the train there, which is always more exotic and romantic in theory than in practice (we should have learned this lesson from Carrie & Samantha I guess). So despite the fact the rest of our train company was less than savory, we kept it classy by packing a picnic so we didn’t have to eat in the dining car. We might have starved otherwise, since the dining car only offers Pringles and Diet Pepsi and only takes cash.

Witness: the classiest of sandwiches. Pack this in your chicest hat box and board the train with your nose in the air, a-la Carrie Bradshaw.

Goat cheese, fig, almond butter, & pear sandwiches, adapted from Pastoral’s Nutty Fig sandwich. Makes one train sandwich; double this recipe if you have a partner in crime.

-2 slices of wheat bread (I used Trader Joe’s sprouted wheat bread)
-1 small pear (The inspiration sandwich actually used apples, which are delicious, but a less bite-able for a sandwich. The whole apple slice came out in every bite and I had to keep putting my sandwich back together.  A ripe pear works much better.)
-1 T goat cheese
-2 T fig jam (I used Trader Joe’s but Whole Foods also carries an amazing fig jam)
-1 T almond butter


Spread your almond butter on one slice of bread and your goat cheese on the other.


Slice up your pear very thinly.


Spread your fig jam on one side and layer your pears on the other.


Put the sides together, slice on the diagonal, and pack up for your trip! Don’t forget a little dark chocolate for the ride!


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4 thoughts on “Goat cheese, fig, almond butter & pear sandwiches

  1. rebecca says:

    See, the first time I went on a train I expected to see people like you with your cute little sandwiches and shit. That is never the case.

  2. ling says:

    i can attest that this is amazing (in Molly’s world: amazeballs). Luckily, Molly and I were each others distraction so i didn’t notice too many characters, but i certainly smelled nasty tobacco guy and gross BO man. the babies were well behaved:)

  3. […] just can’t seem to get enough figs, so fall must officially be here. Someone bring me some butternut squash soup and a pumpkin spice […]

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