Most hilarious search terms and Roasted Garlic & Carrot Hummus


Whenever I need a quick pick-me-up, I glance through the google search terms that lead people to this blog. There are some real gems in there. For example:

fat belly sew     (hmmm… I guess they get my fish costume?)
mouse poop in quinoa      (huh!?!?)
ironic mattress      (huh?!?!)
how many calories are in a piece of toast
panty shelf      (guessing they end up at my PANTRY shelf – big difference)

Good times. I’m sorry I can’t help the gal who found mouse poop in her quinoa. That’s rough.

In other news, we’ve been getting tons carrots and garlic from our CSA. I was inspired by this recipe, which I found after googling how to get mouse poop out of my garlic and carrots. Just kidding.

Roasted Garlic & Carrot Hummus, makes about 4 cups
-1 bunch carrots
-1 head garlic
-about 1/2 cup olive oil
-1 can chickpeas
-2 T tahini
-1 T cumin
-1 T corriander
-juice of one lemon
-salt & pepper


Prep: Preheat oven to 375. Wash and cut your carrots so they are about the same size. Cut the top off your garlic head so the tops of the cloves are exposed. Drain and rinse chickpeas.

Let’s do this:
Line up your carrots on a cookie sheet with your garlic. Drizzle some of the olive oil over the garlic cloves. Drizzle (or spray, if you have an olive oil mister) olive oil on the carrots. Reserve the remaining olive oil for the hummus.


Roast for about 30 minutes or until carrots and garlic are tender. Add carrots and garlic to a food processor and process until smooth.


Add chickpeas, tahini, spices, and lemon juice to food processor. Drizzle in olive oil until desired consistency is reached, then season with salt & pepper.


Sprinkle with a little extra cumin and serve!


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4 thoughts on “Most hilarious search terms and Roasted Garlic & Carrot Hummus

  1. alipremo says:

    Funny post!! Those are super weird search terms. Your recipe looks tasty!!

  2. that’s funny – i see some interesting searches in my blog to – funny thing to share though. poop in quinoa? that’s strange. the hummus looks good 🙂

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