A few of my favorite things: kitchen edition

Besides raindrops on roses and whiskers on Ruby kittens, of course.

For some reason, it was almost 50 degrees this weekend in Chicago. The only way I could tell that it was Christmastime is that I got my Starbucks in a wintery cup and DR-mom started bugging me about my Christmas list. Since I have some kitchen items on my list this year, I thought I would blog about my favorite things, and maybe help some of you make your own list? Then you can tell me what I’ve left off, so I can build my list!

1. My lemon squeezer. I use this thing so much, it almost never makes it back in the cabinet. I use this to squeeze half a lemon into my water bottle a couple times a day. Also great for making margaritas!


2. Cast iron pans. I recently got two cast iron items at an antique store in lovely Madison, Indiana (both the pan below and a large dutch oven were under $50 together – definitely check out your local antique store because these last forever). Life-changing! I just love how evenly these pans heat up. Full disclosure: cleaning is kind of a pain since you can’t use soap, but it’s worth it.


3. Le Creuset spatula. My cousin-in-law got me this for my wedding shower a hundred years ago, and it has been through the ringer. It is the best for making eggs, scraping bowls, you name it. Love this thing. (It has seen better days, btw)


4. Silpat. I use this to line my pans just about every time I roast veggies or make cookies. Washing this is so much easier than scraping and soaking big pans!


5. Nesting measuring bowls. If you read the blog, you are probably sick of seeing these, because I actually have two sets. They are great because they work as prep bowls and measuring cups. Love. One set is Mario Batali and the other is just from HomeGoods.


6. Microplane. This is so great for grating cheese (those several-sided cheese graters are so hard to clean!), zesting citrus, etc. I use it all the time.


7. Cookie dough scoop. I use this whenever I make cookies to make sure I get them all about the same size. Before I had this, I always had tiny rock-cookies mixed in with too-big, undercooked cookies. It’s the best.


8. Greenbags. These have worked really great for me. Over the summer when we picked up our CSA, I would put our lettuce in these and it would stay fresh for 2 weeks! Once you are done with one, you can wash it out and re-use it.


Honorable mentions: my tongs and my immersion blender (Stick Blendy Wendy!)

On my list this year: A potato ricer and a spice grater (for some reason, I really want to grate my own nutmeg!). Now it’s your turn: what am I missing out on!?


4 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things: kitchen edition

  1. Ling says:

    My rice cooker, my wok (I scramble eggs in it boil pasta etc) my Pyrex. Seriously drop them several times and they never break! Excited about the Silpat- gonna register for that!! Oh and I’ll totally try the green bags too!

  2. Jeff says:

    My list would have many of the same things as yours. I would also have parchment paper.

    I would also have pyrex (liquid) measuring cups. Its great for measuring liquids, microwaving, and making things that you want to pour.

  3. RJ says:

    I would add a vegetable steamer…a round metal piece with holes with 18 little metal *flippers* with holes. These flippers make it easy to fit in a larger or smaller sauce pan. The piece has little legs that keep it is off the bottom of the sauce pan. Insert steamer in pan, pour in a small amount of water. Add vegetables, cover, heat and steam away. Small item, easy to store and use.

    Also don’t want to make due without a salad spinner. Easy way to wash Romaine and any kind of greens and remove the excess water. Larger item to store, but if you eat lots of salad, it’s a must.

    Teeny, tiny sharp knives. I first got them at the liquer store but now the dollar store carries them. Great for cutting radishes, or anything else into really thin slices.

    I too love the Pyrex measuring cups. Great for heating water for tea in the microwave.

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