No-bake coconut delights

The last few years I have attended a cookie exchange with my girlfriends, most of whom I’ve met through running. I know a cookie exchange sounds like something your grandmother might do, but for us it’s an excuse to see each other outside of the 7am hour and in our normal clothes. And to shove our faces with cookies. Oh, and also to try out new cookie recipes. Correction: most girls try out new cookie recipes, but I’m not allowed to because a few members of the group are a little addicted to this recipe (fine with me: these are no-bake and require 4 ingredients!). Last weekend there was talk of a fight breaking out over the leftovers. I wouldn’t want to be the subject of the wrath of any “coconut crack” addicts; if it came down to it and I had to run, b*tches be fast. So I always make extras.

Coconut delights, aka “Coconut crack”, makes about 3 1/2 dozen (depending on how big you make them)

-1/2 cup butter, softened
-2 cups powdered sugar
-1 package (5 1/3 cups) sweetened shredded coconut
-1 cup chocolate chips (I use milk, but semi-sweet will work too)

Let’s do this:

Combine the powdered sugar and coconut in a large bowl.

Add your softened butter and combine with a fork (if you double the recipe, you might break out the hand mixer to save your biceps).


Form the coconut/sugar/butter mixture into small balls (about a tablespoon, but it doesn’t really matter since these are no-bake!) and place on parchment paper. Make an indent at the top to hold your chocolate:


Now time to melt the chocolate. You can melt the chips in the microwave, but I make a DIY double boiler like this:


Add your chips once the water heats up.


Stir constantly until the chips are melted.


Use a teaspoon to add a dollop of chocolate to the top of each cookie.


Let the chocolate harden for about an hour.



Serve with a side of coffee: _MG_0111.jpg


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2 thoughts on “No-bake coconut delights

  1. Erica says:

    Definitely worth a black eye!

  2. moryan22 says:

    These are so delicious! Managed to bring myself to share a few with my dad and he keeps reminding me how much he liked them. Planning to try this recipe very soon:)

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