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DIY iPad and Kindle sleeves

Look out, its a sewing rogue post!

I randomly won an iPad right before Christmas. I know, I couldn’t’ believe it either. So far, I’m lovin’ it, especially for traveling.

The only problem: iPad cases are expensive and ugly. I couldn’t find one that I liked for under $40. Since I just wanted a simple felt case, I decided to make one myself. I looked everywhere for thick felt. It was hard to find, but I finally found a color and weight that I liked at filzfelt.  I picked gender-neutral gray/yellow in the hopes that I’d have enough extra yardage to make a case for the Kindle that the huz got for Christmas. Filzfelt sells 18″x18″ squares, which, according to my calculations would be enough for both the Kindle and the iPad.

18″x18″ square of thick felt (mine was 3mm thick)
Microfiber cleaning cloth that is about 8×10
One sheet of fusible web (I used Steam-a-Seam)
Heavy duty sewing thread
Heavy duty sewing needle (not sure if you need this, but I used one to be safe)

I cut the felt so that I had 1/2 inch on either side of the iPad and Kindle. Then I cut the microfiber cloth and Steam-a-Seam to about 7.5 x 9.5 (approximate dimensions of the iPad). I only lined one side of the iPad case with microfiber fabric to save money, but you can line both sides if you like.

Then I ironed the microfiber cloth on using the Steam-a-Seam directions.

The only thing left to do was to sew the sides of the case!

And store my iPad safely inside!

Then I did the same with the leftover felt for the kindle, except I didn’t use microfiber since the kindle doesn’t have a shiny surface.

And we’re ready to travel geek-style! Now we just need a destination…


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