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Vegan peanut butter and jelly smoothie


If you read this blog regularly, you know that I tend to get into lunch ruts. See this post. Or this one. Or this. I’ll stop there because this just got sad. Also, now I’m hungry.

My newest lunch obsession is this banana-free smoothie (unbelievably hard to find if you have a sensitivity) from Protein Bar.

Peanut butter and jelly smoothie, inspired by Protein Bar’s Pier-Nut-Butter-and-Jelly Smoothie, serves one.

-1 cup non-dairy milk (I used coconut milk, but almond or soy will work too)
-3/4 cup frozen strawberries
-1/4 cup roasted unsalted peanuts (you can also use 2 T of natural peanut butter, if you are strong enough to keep such things in the house – I’m not)
-1/4 cup frozen blueberries
-1 scoop protein powder (I used Sunwarrior vanilla)
-2 medjool dates

This is hardly a recipe. But who wants to cook in the summer anyway?

Gather all your ingredients:


Add to a blender:


Blend on high for about 30 seconds to a minute, until your peanuts are blended. Enjoy!



Now onto my next lunch rut! Any suggestions?

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Memorial day fun

The only good thing about the weather in Chicago this weekend is that I didn’t mind spending time indoors to cook. And that’s the only good thing.

But don’t these little babies cheer you right up? What’s not to love?


These are so easy to make, you still have time to make them for a barbeque tomorrow. Or tuck the idea in your back pocket for 4th of July.

Firecracker strawberries, inspired by some picture I saw on the web that I can’t find anymore and these popsicles.

White chocolate chips (I had to buy bars from Trader Joe’s since I couldn’t find chips)
Granulated sugar
Blue food coloring
Parchment/waxed paper


Let’s do this:
Wash your strawberries well and make sure they are really dry. Ideally you can wash them an hour or so before you start this, but if not, just make sure to blot them well with a paper towel so the chocolate will stick. Lay out some parchment or waxed paper on a cookie sheet.

Make your blue sugar by taking about 1-2 cups of granulated sugar and mixing with a few drops of blue food coloring. You can also buy blue sprinkles, if you are high class like that. We here at DR are unequivocally low class; see double-boiler below.


Melt your chocolate in a double boiler. I don’t have a double-boiler, but I make one with a pot of water covered with a stainless steel bowl. A ghetto-boiler, if you will.


Dip your berries in, covering about 2/3 of the berry in chocolate. Hold it over the chocolate so any excess drips off, then dip the tip in your sugar bowl.



Let dry on some parchment or waxed paper.


Happy Memorial Day!!

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No sugar added strawberry mango banana yogurt


Ok this Lent thing is seriously long. Its way more than 40 days/nights. Why is Easter always moving around, anyway?

Yesterday I was so desperate for sweets, I almost ripped a stale doughnut from the fragile hands of a sixty year-old lady in our office kitchen.

Right then and there, I decided it was time to renew my quest for fun, no sugar added desserts. I decided to re-make this dessert without the honey. I figured I could mix the tofu with fruit and not miss the honey. On my first pass I threw the following in the food processor:

1 block silken tofu
1 cup strawberries
1/2 cup champagne mangoes

This was not nearly sweet enough – tasted a little sour, actually. So I added two more cups of fruit – a mix of a banana and more strawberries and mango.

And we have a winner. The result was a little closer to yogurt (even though its not truly yogurt), so I think of this as a tropical fruit soy yogurt.

I refrigerated for a few hours then served myself (several times) for dessert.


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